Why you should consider ‘smart’ chickens

As it gets more difficult to grow and sell food in the United States, farmers have been looking for ways to improve their productivity.

Now, a new research study shows that chickens can be smarter than humans.

Researchers have found that chickens that have been raised in a different way can produce more protein per square meter.

The research was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

In their study, researchers at UC Davis and Cornell University looked at the productivity of 1,000 chickens raised under different conditions, and found that a chicken raised in the back can produce twice as much protein as a chicken in the front.

The researchers looked at 10 breeds of chickens in a study published in 2016.

The average lifespan of chickens was 5.5 years.

The study looked at 1,100 chickens raised for 10 years.

For the first time, researchers were able to look at the results of the study.

The results showed that a chick raised in an open setting can produce five times more protein than a chick in a cage.

A hen raised in isolation produced twice as many calories per pound as a hen raised outdoors.

The findings were consistent with previous research, which has shown that chickens have a strong preference for close, warm environments.

This is consistent with the findings of recent studies showing that chickens are more efficient at the use of land when they are raised outdoors than when they’re raised indoors.

The new study shows an alternative approach to the way chickens are raised in agriculture.

The USDA is promoting an alternative to raising chickens outdoors.

These days, many people raise chickens outdoors in sheds.

The idea is that the chickens don’t need to be protected from predators.

They don’t have to be fed from a feedlot.

They have more room and they can roam around.

They can do things that humans don’t do.

But these alternative ways are less effective in terms of increasing the chicken’s productivity and making it better for the environment.

They’re also less sustainable because they use up a lot of natural resources.

In order to achieve a more sustainable environment, the USDA is pushing a new approach.

It is called the “backyard chickens” approach.

Backyard chickens are small backyard chickens that are raised indoors and in groups.

The chickens spend a lot more time in the open and the conditions are less harsh.

The backyard chickens can go outside to graze.

The backyards can be in nature.

They could be indoors, but they have a lot less access to natural resources, like the natural resources of grass and water.

Backyards can also be raised indoors because they’re easier to manage.

In fact, they’re more sustainable because chickens raised in backyard chicken cages are less likely to spread disease.

So these new methods of chicken farming are really promising, says Dr. David G. Jones, professor of animal science at UC Irvine.

They are much more sustainable than just raising chickens in the field.

“There are no restrictions on where chickens are allowed to go.

They come into a small space.

They go out to graveyards, but no one is in charge of how the chicken lives there,” he says.

These new ways of raising chickens are really encouraging.

And I think the more people are able to be more aware of the value of these alternatives to conventional methods of raising animals, the better they are going to be for the planet,” he adds.

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