Why I’m voting for Donald Trump

Donald Trump has a good chance of winning the presidency.

If he does, he will have a chance to make America great again.

He has a real chance of being our president.

But, first, he has to win the popular vote.

If he wins the popular-vote vote, he can’t be president.

That’s why we’re voting for him.

Trump is a pathological liar and has been for a while.

I voted for him as a Republican because I believed in what he stood for.

When he became president, I said that if I were a Republican, I would never support him again.

I had the greatest admiration for his honesty and integrity.

Now, he lies, steals and lies a lot.

I have to say, it’s not even close.

He is not qualified to be president, and I do not believe that he can be trusted with our country’s security.

It’s not my fault that my vote has not counted.

I made a mistake.

But, if you believe the polls and the pundits, I am a very serious and intelligent person who has been paying attention.

He’s a narcissist, a fraud and an opportunist.

I don’t think he’s going to be our president, but that doesn’t mean I’m not voting for the next person who stands up for the American people.

His policies have hurt us, and now we need to get rid of him.

If Trump is elected, we will have lost something in the bargain.

If you want to make sure the American economy recovers, you need to stop him.

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