When Silkie Chicken Returns in October 2018

With her family behind her, Silkie is finally ready to put down her pet chicken and start her own business.

In a recent interview with EW, the singer, actor, and actress explained how her journey as a pet started with her husband’s request that she buy a pet cat and eventually found a pair of silkie chicks that would suit her needs.

She also revealed that her first foray into singing and acting was through an online course, and now she is a full-fledged adult singer, actress, and singer-songwriter with her own label, Silkier Songs.

When EW caught up with the singer-actor to discuss her career, she also spoke about how her family has embraced her as a vegan and how the brand has changed the way people think about pet ownership.

Silkie explained that the first time she met her husband, he had just purchased a cat, but she quickly realized that she wanted to make her own.

“It was just a moment of clarity that I didn’t want to have to deal with all of that,” she explained.

“And so I thought, ‘OK, I’ll just get it and go for it.’

And it worked out really well.”

As for her love for animals, she explained that her family was originally inspired by her grandfather’s pet dog, and she became a pet owner as a way to get her to help the environment.

“He’d been raising them for 30 years, and he was so much more than a pet.

He was a friend and a caring person,” she said.

“So he was an inspiration to me to just take the best thing out of this whole process and make it something more, I think, meaningful to him.”

The singer-actress also noted that while she’s not a vegetarian, she does support animal-friendly products.

“I don’t necessarily eat meat, but I am vegan and I do support the use of meat,” she noted.

“A lot of our products are cruelty-free and are actually sourced from non-animal sources.”

Silkie also shared a new song that she recorded with her partner, who is a pet lover as well.

“We’re gonna put out a new record with a little bit of an ‘animal-friendly’ vibe,” she revealed.

“That’s the first one we’re gonna get in 2018.

So it’ll be more of a new thing.

We’re gonna try and make a song that’s kind of a love song for animals.

We wanna be honest with the animals.”

In addition to her own brand, Silkies new album, SilkiEars, will also be available in October.

“Theres something really interesting about it, it’s like a lot of things that I have learned in my career,” she shared.

“When I think about animals and my family, the first thing that comes to mind is the farm animals, because they are my ancestors.

It was actually the largest, most important dairy farm in America for almost 300 years. “

People love to talk about how big a farm it was, but they really don’t know how much land it had.

It was actually the largest, most important dairy farm in America for almost 300 years.

We have so many roots in our history, and we just have this amazing family. “

But theres also something that I’m fascinated with, that’s how our family came to be where we are.

We have so many roots in our history, and we just have this amazing family.

So I think we can create something that people really want to experience, because I really think that it’s going to resonate with people.”

When EW asked Silkie if she has any advice for other pet owners, she said, “I think just make sure that you keep your dogs and cats safe.

Be aware of the risks.

And, you know, just be super careful of any pets that are out in the world, because there’s so much risk that they can take.”

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