When does a chicken poop?

When a hen or turkeys pee, the poop goes down the chute and then into a tank, according to the Chicken Protection Group.

If the hen or the turkeys are feeding eggs, it goes down a different chute.

A hen or turkey that is not feeding eggs will not have any feces left.

If the hen and the turkey are feeding eggshells, the waste will go down a chute, the group said.

The group has registered a petition with the government seeking permission to restrict feeding of chickens in the public sector.

Chicken Protection Group said in a statement that the government had recently proposed to change the law in the capital to make it easier to prevent waste.

However, the chickens have not been allowed to feed eggs.

The government has not said if it plans to allow chickens to feed eggshell eggs.

There are other groups like the Cattle Protection Association and the Humane Society of the United States that also advocate for the prevention of fecal contamination.

“We have a duty to do our part,” Cattle Prevention Society president David S. Hargrove told the New York Times.

“If you have a problem, you can do something about it.”

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