What’s the difference between FENbendzole and Fenbendizole?

A new product called Fenbendsale is an anti-fungal treatment developed by the Australian company Fenbenders. 

The company is currently developing a similar product called FENbooster, and it will be released on the market in the coming weeks. 

FENbendsole was developed to treat bird flu and bird flu-like symptoms.

The treatment is formulated with the help of a patented technology called an “accelerated microbial gene transfer” (AMGT) that allows it to cross the blood-brain barrier. 

A team of researchers at the University of Melbourne and University of New South Wales used AMGT to test whether the treatment could also treat a range of common illnesses in chickens. 

“Our goal was to determine if FENBendzoles were more effective in reducing disease burden than FEN-Bendazoles or Fenbenzoles,” said Dr Matthew Denton, a research fellow at the Australian National University’s School of Veterinary and Animal Sciences. 

Dr Denton and his colleagues studied the effect of FENbos on mice and chickens in which the strain of FenbendZole they were testing was a natural form.

“The mice did not have any illness symptoms, they had a normal level of inflammation, and the flu virus in their blood was not producing any proteins, but they did not exhibit any signs of disease,” he said. 

What the research team found was that when FENBooster was administered in the mice, the virus levels in their cells had dropped, and inflammation was reduced in their brains. 

Other tests found that the treatment also reduced the amount of viral proteins that were produced in their tissues, meaning the treatment was more effective at fighting off infections in humans. 

Researchers say the next step is to test the effectiveness of FENS-B in humans, and if the results are positive, the treatment may be tested in the lab.

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