What you need to know about the Queensland chicken flock

The Queensland chicken industry is booming.

The Queensland Chicken Federation (QCF) has welcomed the Queensland Government’s announcement that it will auction off surplus Queensland chickens and sell the remaining to local farmers.

But there’s still a lot of work to be done to improve the quality of the animals.

The QCF is hoping that the auction will be a success, with local farmers hoping to benefit from the $1 million that will be raised.

The organisation says that Queensland will see a return of around 60% of the poultry that it purchased, but that’s a big commitment to a single flock.

Queensland is one of the top exporters of chicken in Australia.

But the QCF says that the industry needs to be “stronger and better equipped” to ensure it can sustainably supply more chickens.

It’s hoping the auction can help the industry get the better of the current challenges.

Here’s what you need know about Queensland’s poultry industry.

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