What do you think of the chicken sneezing answer on the mini-chicken crossword?

The mini-Chickens sneezing answer has been making the rounds on Twitter, where it has been interpreted as a sign that the chickens are smart.

A mini-Chicken sneezes.

They are also known to eat, which is why they can sneezy.

But this is not the only clue.

There are a number of other clues about the mini Chickens intelligence that can be found in the video above.

Here are a few.1.

They can walk backwards and forwards and are smart enough to turn round and look back at the person with their eyes wide open2.

They have two eyes, and have the ability to see the color red in the dark3.

They know when they are about to sneeak, they do so in a slow, deliberate manner4.

They will not attack other chickens that are not their friends5.

They do not like the smell of other chickens6.

They love playing games like fetch, tag,and checkers, and will also play tag with other people7.

They would rather go on walks, and not run8.

They seem to have an insatiable appetite for food, and if there is a large meal, they will eat it as fast as possible9.

They eat with their mouths open and do not need to be covered, and do the same to themselves10.

They cannot stop eating until their stomach fills, and only then will they stop.

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