This Australian company makes ‘sleek’ chicken legs for sale

The Australian company that makes “sleek” chicken legs is hoping its chicken legs will be a new source of income for farmers in the coming months.

The company, The Australian Chicken Company, is launching its chicken product range with the hope of attracting customers in the future, according to founder and CEO Michael Sillitoe.

The company was founded in 2008 and has a global business.

It makes a range of chicken products from a variety of products, including a range made from “slim” chicken.

It was founded by Mr Sillipoe after he saw a local farmer’s chicken leg being sold in supermarkets and decided to create a company to make the product for Australian farmers.

“I was trying to find something that was cheap and easy to make and I thought I’d try making chicken legs.

It was actually quite a challenge to find the ingredients for chicken legs,” Mr Silipoe said.”

There’s a lot of ingredients, it’s a really tricky stuff to do.”

The chicken legs can be made in a number of ways, including in a mould made from flour and rice, in a dehydrator and in the “skin” of the chicken.

“You can get the product from any local chicken farmer.

If they have chicken legs that they want to sell, they’ll give them to us,” Mr Nunn said.

He said the company would also make “skinless” chicken thighs and “skin-less” chickens legs, which could be sold to supermarkets and “local farmers”.

“We’ve got some really talented young people in our kitchen that are going to be making some really good products for us in the next few months,” Mr Golledge said.

The chicken leg range has been sold at the supermarket chains Woolworths, Woolworth, Aldi, Walmart and Superdrug.

“We do want to be in the local market.

We think it’s going to help to keep the local community going,” Mr Farrar said.

Mr Silliboe said the business would be looking to expand into other markets as the market grows.

“The way we’re building the business, we’re doing the business to make money,” he said.

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