Small birds are getting smaller and healthier in a new way

Small birds can become healthy and healthier with a treatment like tracyclines, new research shows.

It was originally hoped that tracylglycerol, a substance found in eggs, would make chickens and turkeys grow taller and stronger but the results are starting to show some health benefits in birds that have been genetically engineered to be more resilient to diseases.

Now scientists are looking into how a cocktail of drugs could help prevent the onset of diseases in birds.

The aim of tracyls is to kill the virus and prevent the body from rejecting it, which can be dangerous for a bird’s health.

The new research found the combination of drugs showed a significant improvement in the health of chickens and turkey over three years.

The scientists analysed the birds’ weight, blood and urine, and compared the results to what they saw in normal birds.

They found a 50 per cent reduction in weight and a 50-percent reduction in the blood count over three months in birds fed the combination.

They also found a significant increase in the number of healthy blood cells and a reduction in their viral load, which could be a clue to the cause of the disease.

The findings were published in the journal Molecular Cell Biology.

The researchers say their study could lead to new ways to treat the health problems that cause some bird diseases, including those associated with small size.

The team says it could help protect birds against diseases such as cholera and Zika, as well as reducing the risk of some cancers.

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