Slim Chicken: Texarkana’s crossbreeding chickens are the ultimate breed for ranching

Texarkan Slim Chickens are a cross breed of small, cross bred chickens bred by Texarkas ranching company.

The new breed is small, lean, and extremely tough.

Its named after Slim Jim, Slim’s owner, who used to be a champion horse trainer.

Its bred to have good temperament, good weight, and strong backbone.

The company is selling the slim chickens at local restaurants and on its website.

“It has a very long life cycle, and we’ve had a lot of success breeding these chickens,” said Todd Deutsch, CEO of Texarkans ranching firm, Texarka Farms.

“We’re a company that’s always looking to improve and innovate.”

The company says its slim chickens have been tested and are now breeding well.

But it hasn’t yet made a final decision on how to breed the new breed.

If successful, the slim chicks will be available to the public.

Texarkaws ranching is also expanding its crossbreeding program, Texan Slim Farms, which has been expanding since 2015.

Now the company has about a dozen small cross bred, low cost chickens.

Each of the chickens has been given a name and a personality.

The brand new breed was named after its founder, Slim Jim.

It has been bred to be gentle, loyal, and smart.

The chickens can also grow to about 4 feet (1.8 meters) long and weigh about 100 pounds (45 kilograms).

The new, smaller birds are now being marketed to restaurants and to farmers in the region.

“The idea behind it is that we are trying to help farmers grow their chicken herd and keep up with the demand,” said Deutsch.

“So we have an opportunity to help grow the demand for our ranching products, as well as to make our products more popular with consumers.”

Deutsch said Texarkawas ranch business is up 15% year over year, but that the ranch business has been down for a while.

He added that the company will need to diversify its product line.

“I think the most important thing for us is to stay focused on what we do best,” he said.

“And that is growing our brand, bringing new products to consumers, and improving the ranch experience for the consumer.”

For the Slim Chickers, the journey of cross breeding was just beginning.

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