Roasted chicken: What’s in the oats?

How many oats are in your backyard chicken?

A lot, according to a new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

A team of scientists from Duke University and the University of Iowa analyzed the nutritional content of over 5,000 backyard chickens in Iowa and the U.S. and found a wide variety of organic ingredients, including rice bran, oats, and chickpeas.

“The chickens in this study had more vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants than any other backyard chicken, which is a very surprising finding,” says Andrew Geller, a professor of nutrition at Duke University who was not involved in the study.

“We think there are more than 2,500 different organic ingredients in chicken, and the ones that are abundant in the food we eat are usually pretty low in the nutritional profile,” Geller says.

So, how does the USDA define organic?

USDA defines organic chicken as having “a diet that contains at least 95 percent natural ingredients, such as fresh fruits and vegetables and fish, and that does not include genetically modified organisms,” or GMOs.

Organic poultry is generally classified by the USDA as organic if it is produced using “vegetable-based processing” and the poultry is not treated with herbicides, pesticides, or hormones.

The term organic also refers to a product that meets the standards set by the Organic Trade Association, which requires products to be free of artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or sweeteners.

The USDA has also banned the use of antibiotics in feed for poultry, and is currently reviewing the standards for labeling of antibiotics used in meat and eggs.

But there’s more to it than that.

For one thing, organic chicken is much more expensive than conventional chicken.

Geller’s team compared the price of organic chickens, which typically cost about $3 a pound, to those of conventional chickens, at $3.75.

“You could eat a conventional chicken for about $10, but you could get organic chicken for $25, which was cheaper,” Gelser says.

“This is really a huge difference.”

The cost of organic chicken varies by breed.

In general, “organic” refers to organic farming, which means the chickens are raised without pesticides, antibiotics, or herbicides.

Inorganic farming is typically the same as conventional farming, but there are some differences.

“Inorganic” means that the chicken is fed “natural” or organic feed, which includes organic crops and insects.

The U.K.’s National Farmers Union, which advocates organic farming methods, lists organic and inorganic feed as two separate categories.

In contrast, organic is defined as feed from non-organic sources that is produced by farmers using organic methods and has no artificial colors, flavors, preservative, or additives.

The organic label also includes a statement that the food is free of GMOs, herbicides or antibiotics, and has been inspected by a third party.

Organic farmers in the U,S., Canada, Mexico, and Argentina use antibiotics and other drugs to treat disease.

Gelseler says organic chickens are healthier for the environment.

“There’s a lot of evidence that the antibiotics are a major contributor to antibiotic resistance,” he says.

Organic chickens also have lower meat consumption, and fewer birds eat in the barn.

“So, it’s not like organic chicken isn’t good for the farmer,” Gellers says.

Gellser says it’s also important to look at what the USDA defines as organic.

“If they’re doing organic chicken, they’re probably using conventional chicken, too,” he explains.

“They’re probably buying the whole farm, and then they’re using antibiotics and herbicides.”

What about meat?

Geller and his colleagues looked at the nutritional values of a large number of different breeds of chickens, including broilers, roasts, and chicken roasts.

“It’s interesting that they can find these very different nutritional profiles,” Gellsers says of the chickens.

“And that’s what we really wanted to see.”

For example, the researchers compared the nutritional value of broilers to chickens raised on conventional pasture and found that the broiler’s protein was a little lower than that of the conventional chickens.

But that didn’t mean the broilers were less nutritious.

They were higher in vitamin A and vitamin K. “A lot of people assume that poultry are less nutritious because of antibiotics, because of the antibiotics,” Gillser says, but he notes that broilers are farmed without antibiotics.

“These chickens are far from the antibiotic-free chicken in the backyard,” he notes.

“When you look at it in terms of protein, there are really no differences between the two.”

In fact, the nutritional difference between broilers and chickens is quite pronounced, the scientists found.

“Broilers are about 80 percent protein, whereas the conventional chicken is about 60 percent protein,” Gollers says, adding that broiler chicks have higher bone density than chickens from conventional roasters.

The researchers also found that bro

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