Red rooster chicken owners get special chicken deal for Christmas

Red roosters have become a favourite holiday dish in many parts of the world.

But not in the UK, where the dish has long been restricted to one part of the country.

And it is not available for Christmas.

This has led to some customers choosing not to bring home their red roosted chickens, saying the bird’s reputation is tarnished by its being a favourite gift.

Red rooters, or pigeons, are often seen on the Christmas trees in the US, France, Italy and Germany.

And they are also popular at British pubs, according to The Sun newspaper.

So the owners of a local chicken coop in south London, which specialises in making and selling red rooters and fancy chickens, have set up a special Christmas dish for their customers, the Daily Telegraph reports.

The chicken is called the chicken and the egg, and it is prepared in a special cooker.

The dish is made with a mixture of flour, salt and spices, which are cooked until it is the perfect consistency.

This is then covered with a sauce of onions, carrots, parsley, ginger and garlic and served over an egg.

The birds are served with a variety of sauces and vegetables such as cabbage, carrots and celery.

The recipe calls for about 10 birds and they are sold in the coop’s store on the morning of Christmas Eve.

It is hoped that the sales of the special dish will encourage more people to bring their chickens home to give to their family for Christmas, according the newspaper.

The coop also sells regular red rooting eggs, which have a different taste and texture.

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