‘I’ve always loved my chickens’: This one’s a real bird lover

A friend of mine has a chicken and I’ve been loving every second of it.

It’s a very sweet and affectionate bird, and has made me smile and laugh as well.

The first time I saw him, I thought to myself, he must be pretty cute.

But then I thought, how can he be this good?

And now I know.

He’s actually a really, really good bird.

So what’s the deal?

He’s not just a cute little thing, he’s a really sweet, affectionate, and wonderful animal.

That’s what I thought when I saw this video of this little chicken.

It wasn’t too long ago that I watched this video on YouTube of a male golden eared eared chicken, and I was blown away.

I knew instantly that this little guy was special.

It was like he was my very own, very special animal.

I couldn’t get over the love I had for him.

But as we watched this little chick, I realized how special he really is.

It made me realize that the joy and wonder and happiness and affection of the love of another human being is what makes a good animal.

This is not just something that happens to birds, it’s something that happened to humans, too.

We love our animals, we love our humans.

That love can come from other humans as well as from animals, and when you love someone, you can be both happy and sad at the same time.

So if you are a bird loving person, then I hope this story inspires you to love your bird, too!

___________________________________________________ This is a guest post from Heather Sibley, a former writer and producer at Buzzfeed and author of The Bird Story: The Life of a Female Golden Eared Chick.

Heather writes about birds and the animals they love.

Follow her on Twitter, and check out her blog, Birds of Loving.


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