How to vent sexing chicken without having to cut out the male


If the chickens are laying eggs, remove the eggs from the incubator and let them sit in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes.2.

After about 10 minutes, cut the egg out of the incubators.3.

After that, remove one of the eggs and lay the other egg on top of it.4.

Once the chicks are ready to lay, pull them out and cut them open and remove the inner lining.5.

If you want to get really creative, you can then put them back in the incubation box and let the chickens sleep in it for a few hours.6.

After the chicks have laid their eggs, you should check on them and take them to the vet if they need more blood work.7.

Once you’re satisfied with your chickens’ growth, you’ll want to check on the chickens to make sure they’re still growing and that they’re not over-grown.8.

After they’re grown, you’re ready to use the egg as a sex toy for your hen.

If there’s a problem, you could either give them a shot of alcohol or give them some food.9.

Once they’re comfortable with the idea of sexing the chickens, it’s time to do the actual sexing.10.

Take a large box or container and place the egg inside the box and then cover it with a lid.

Put the lid on tightly and close it.11.

Then, put a wire strip on top and gently pull it off and onto a piece of cardboard.

You can then place the sex toy on top to see what happens.12.

Then place the lid back on and seal it.13.

Finally, put the lid off and let it sit overnight.14.

The next day, put it in a freezer bag and seal the bag and keep it at room temperature.

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