How to use the term chicken to describe any breed of domestic cat

New Scientist has published an article on how to refer to chickens in a manner that is neither offensive nor inaccurate.

The article explains how to write the term “chickening”, and its use in the US and in other parts of the world.

It also notes that while some countries in the world still use the old terms “brown egg”, “brown chicken” and “brown hen” for domestic chicken, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and other countries are now using “chicken” and similar terms.

But the term isn’t universally accepted in the UK or the rest of the UK is also still using “poultry”, “chow” and other terms for chickens.

The new article explains that the Oxford English Dictionary has added the term, and the Oxford Union is considering how to change its rules.

However, the Oxford University Press website, which published the article, said the Oxford Dictionary is the official source for all of the Oxford OED’s definitions.

The Oxford Union did not respond to requests for comment.

In its article on the Oxford term, the paper notes that the word “chop” was used in the British colonies to refer specifically to chickens.

It said that “chicks” also referred to a breed of chicken.

It adds that “the Oxford OE Dictionary definition of the word ‘chicken’ also means chicken, but does not specifically refer to a domestic breed.”

This may reflect the fact that the earliest English words for a domestic chicken were chicken and that the term is not used for any other breed,” the paper said.

It says the Oxford dictionary uses the term with “a certain degree of ambiguity” and adds that the definition of chicken is the “only recognised international standard for all domestic breeds”.

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