How to stop chicken TB in China

An outbreak of chicken TB is now widespread in China, according to an expert, which has left millions of chickens with the infection.

The China Daily reported on Tuesday that the chicken industry is facing a massive problem, with the chicken farm in Beijing, the world’s largest, seeing the highest number of cases reported.

It said that China is home to more than 6,000 chicken farms, making it one of the world top poultry exporters.

The report added that many of the farms are already in danger.

“There are so many chicken farms that are in such bad shape, that if there is a case, the entire country will be affected,” Yang Yu, a chicken farmer, said in an interview with the China Daily.

“We will have to rely on ourselves to fight this disease.”

According to the report, China is facing the largest chicken outbreak in decades.

In July, China’s Health Ministry said that 1,800 cases of chicken tsetse fly had been reported in the country.

The virus has been reported as the country’s most serious since the introduction of a new vaccine in 2013.

Yang said that the infection was becoming a problem for many farmers.

“If we do not manage this disease effectively, we will have a very hard time in the future,” he said.

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