How to save on bacon by taking home the ‘best’ ingredients

The world’s biggest chicken farm, known as Meyers Chickens, is on a quest to improve the quality of its meat, according to its president.

Mr Meyers said the farm’s annual sales were down 30 per cent to $10.7 million in 2015.

“We are getting a lot of demand for our product.

People are looking for quality, fresh meat,” he said.”

The quality of the meat is the most important thing in our business.””

We have an outstanding reputation for making great quality meat, so it is important that we continue to improve that reputation.”

Mr Meyer said the farmers had recently made changes to improve their processes and reduce the cost of their meat.

“I think the changes that we have made to the way we do things and how we deliver meat are good for us,” he told ABC Radio Perth.

“As we get better at it, the quality and the healthiness of our meat is going to improve.”

He said the company had spent more than $10 million on research and development and would focus on producing more meat for the supermarket market.

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