How to make chicken sleep on your lap

The Hill – A chicken sleepover?

It sounds like something out of a movie.

But this chicken sleepout is a real thing.

It’s the brainchild of a group of students from University of California, Davis, and is the brain child of the student government at the school.

The students spent the weekend creating a bed with their own sleeping materials and an idea for the bed’s theme.

A theme of chickens and sleeping.

The idea is that a chicken sleeping on the back of a pillow will be a little bit sleepy and will be more responsive to a sound than one sitting on a hard surface, said student leader, Kelly DeJesus.

A few nights ago, the students were all watching a movie on their laptops and heard a familiar voice in their heads: ‘I’m going to make a bed for chickens.’

And it was that voice that told us that we could do something similar.

We did some research on chicken sleep and decided to go with the bed theme.

It turned out that we had a lot of people who liked to sleep on the couch.

So we decided to try to come up with a way to have a chicken sleep under the covers.

There’s nothing more calming to a chicken than a good book, DeJesus said.

The team of students spent about a week brainstorming ideas, from chicken sleeping under the blankets to making a pillow cover out of chicken eggs.

They also made chicken wings out of plastic sheets and paper, which were wrapped around chicken bones to create a bed of chickens.

When the student council met Thursday, they were asked to make three more bed themes to make more chicken sleepers.

DeJesus plans to make the bed with a variety of materials, such as chicken bones, chicken wings and pillows.

DeJesus said that she hopes to make one chicken sleeper per bed.

The student council’s decision was a huge victory for the chicken sleep initiative.

Students from Davis will be able to sleep in a safe environment with the support of their elected leaders, DeJesus said.

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