How to Get a Slim Chicken on Your Bucket List

When I first moved to San Diego, I knew I wanted to be a chef.

I’d been doing that since I was a kid, so I thought I’d make it my life’s passion.

So when I moved to Los Angeles in 2013, I took an interest in restaurants.

It’s the first time I’ve really had a chance to be in front of a kitchen, so that was really exciting.

I got a job at one of the best restaurants in Los Angeles, where I got to be part of that environment, working with the chefs, the staff, the food, and being able to experience that experience with a really passionate team.

So I got really excited about cooking, and I had a lot of interest in working at a restaurant.

It was like, this is where I want to go, so this is what I want.

But I also had this feeling like this is the place where I’ve made my biggest impact, because I worked so hard for so long.

But as I got closer to the restaurant, I realized it wasn’t the place I wanted.

I really needed to get out there, work my tail off, and really learn about what I was really good at.

I ended up going to culinary school at the Culinary Institute of America in Los Altos, and it’s the same kind of school where I learned to cook.

So there was a lot I learned in Culinary Academy, but also a lot more that I didn’t know about. I didn

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