How to eat the ‘wormiest’ chicken mealworms

The ‘wormy’ chicken meals have been around since the 1940s, and there are more than 40 species of them, with a range of names including: ‘chicken wing’ and ‘belly chicken’.

They’re so easy to eat that they can be served with a salad or with mashed potatoes.

Here’s how to make the ‘most nutritious chicken mealworm’ from scratch.


Slice a chicken and make a salad Slice the chicken into 2cm pieces.

Place the chicken in a bowl, cover with a clean, dry cloth, and toss with salt and pepper.


Make a salad with chicken meal For this salad, make a small, thin, sliver-shaped patty with the chicken.

Fold it over with your hands to form a flat, even layer of meat.

Fold the chicken over and spread the chicken mixture evenly over the top.


Put on a salad for dinner Slice some chicken into ½cm thick slices, and spread a thin layer of the chicken batter over the chicken pieces.

Spread a thin slice of chicken mixture over the sides.

Fold over the excess, and place the patty on top.


Make an egg-less chicken salad This is a much better option than chicken wing because it’s less filling and more delicious, with fewer calories.

You’ll need some chicken, lettuce and tomato for the salad, and some chicken wing to complete the mixture.

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More about chicken wing:

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