How the red cross became a chicken farmer’s nightmare

A chicken farmer in Texas has been forced to abandon his ranch, shut down and turn away thousands of customers because he doesn’t follow the federal chicken rules.

The Texas Chicken Council said the move comes after the city of Austin passed a law requiring chickens be sterilized before being sold to grocery stores and restaurants.

The city is now working with a private group to develop the rules for chicken farms in the state.

The council said it will hold a public meeting to share the information and work with other cities to set regulations.

The chickens have been raised in a way that makes it impossible to follow the rules.

“I don’t think we’re going to get them back into the backyard,” said Chris Jones, president of the Texas Chicken Club.

“We’re going into this with a lot of trepidation and some anxiety.”

Jones said he and the council have been contacted by other farms who have seen similar issues.

The new rules would only apply to chickens raised in licensed facilities and be applied only to chicken sold in grocery stores.

The rules would also require that chickens are sterile before being packaged.

The chicken industry has been pushing for a similar rule for years, but it has not been fully implemented.

The American Chicken Council, which represents about 400,000 chicken producers, said the rule is overdue.

“There is no reason why any commercial chicken can’t be sterilated before being packed into the grocery store cart,” the council said in a statement.

“But this new rule is another step in the wrong direction.”

The council also said it is “not in agreement with the city’s approach to the issue.”

The Austin City Council voted in April to require all chickens to be sterilised before being transported to a retail store.

The mayor said that’s the “right way to do it.”

But the chicken industry says chickens are not as sterile as they used to be, and they would like to see the new rules applied to chickens from licensed farms.

“The chicken industry is in a state of crisis,” said Mike McLeod, the president of Austin’s Chicken Council.

“It’s hard to see how this new ordinance will work, and how we can continue to do business as usual.”

In June, the council voted to create the Austin Humane Society to deal with the issue.

It was supposed to meet at 7 p.m. today at the Council Chambers in Austin.

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