Dwarf chickens, chickens for sale in New York

NEW YORK (AP) — Dwarf chickens for $25 each and dwarf chickens for less?

That sounds like a good deal to the New York State Department of Health.

The state’s Department of Agriculture has launched a new “Dwarf Chicken Initiative,” aimed at helping farmers increase their sales of dwarf chickens, and the agency says the program is the first of its kind.

The program will begin in March and will offer free dwarf chicken to farmers who sell their chickens to the public.

A similar program has been in place for years in California, but this is the only one to offer the food.

It’s a way to promote the meat and produce of dwarf-dwarf chickens to potential buyers, the department said.

Farmers can apply for the program, which will include a $25 annual registration fee, by visiting their local USDA office.

It will also include a free sample of food produced from the animals.

If a farmer meets all requirements, the farmer can receive up to four samples for free each month.

The program also allows farmers to submit their produce directly to the USDA for certification and distribution.

The USDA certifies dwarf chickens under its Food Safety Inspection Program and the program can help the department better evaluate dwarf chicken products.

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