‘Crazy’ woman who sold chickens to ‘crazy’ man on Facebook posts about her ‘unhealthy lifestyle’

The woman who posted a Facebook rant about chickens on her personal Facebook page has been banned from using the platform.

A Facebook spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that the woman, who has not been identified, violated the terms of service and Facebook’s guidelines by promoting the sale of the chickens and other items from her page.

The spokesperson did not explain why the ban was placed on her page, but did confirm that she was banned from posting and commenting on other people’s personal pages.

The Facebook spokesperson said that the user who made the post violated the company’s policy by posting and participating in posts on other users’ pages.

She said that in some cases, people have posted content on pages that were banned by the company and have had their accounts deleted.

“In these cases, it is our policy to suspend accounts and ban users based on posts that we determine violate our community standards and policies,” the Facebook spokesperson added.

It is unclear what the company is doing about the user.

While the company doesn’t provide any details about why a post is deemed inappropriate, it has previously been criticized for failing to act when users violate its community standards.

Facebook has faced criticism for failing so far to police harassment and violence on its platform, and has come under fire for banning some users for posting offensive material.

In October, the company banned a man who had posted pictures of his daughter and other family members holding guns.

Facebook has since banned many people from its platform.

The company has since begun a new policy aimed at banning people who post content that promotes violence and harassment against other people or groups of people.

Facebook told BuzzFeed that it has removed thousands of posts since the new policy was announced, but that there have been instances where it has been able to remove posts.

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