‘Amber Alert’ to ‘Red Alert’: Amazon’s next big thing

Amazon announced today that it’s expanding its mobile-first AR-enabled shopping app “Amber” to the U.S. and Canada.

The move marks the company’s biggest foray into AR in a long time.

Amazon also announced the creation of the Alexa Voice API for developers, which will let developers build apps that run on Alexa, and the launch of its new Amazon Echo smart speaker.

Amazon is also launching an Alexa-powered video game called “Avenger” and a new TV show called “The Blacklist.” 

Amber, which was launched in December, is designed to make it easier to search for goods in a store.

But it’s also been designed to be a shopping app for people who aren’t tech savvy.

It will allow customers to scan the QR code on the product they want, then choose a store nearby to buy it, and then add a credit card to Amazon’s system.

This will allow shoppers to scan a QR code for a product on their phone and then pay for it.

It’ll take a few minutes, and it’s only for those who want to buy things that are nearby.

For instance, if you want to pay for a car, you can scan a store’s QR code and then use your phone’s GPS to take you to that store.

The Alexa app will also work with apps like Uber and Instacart, but those are restricted to the United States.

Amber’s creators have also said it will be a big hit for retailers.

“Amer is a great way to get people to shop, but you can’t just buy things online,” cofounder and CEO Chris Cox told Bloomberg.

“It’s going to be very useful for the retail community as a whole, but it’s a new kind of shopping experience for the consumer.”

Amazon says it will also introduce a new shopping experience called “Shop Now” on Alexa. “

We can’t wait to see how people use it.”

Amazon says it will also introduce a new shopping experience called “Shop Now” on Alexa.

Customers will be able to buy products from stores within an hour, and have them delivered to their homes within 30 minutes.

The company also said that it plans to make Amazon Alexa an integral part of the Echo.

“Alexa will be the core of our app and we plan to continue to add Alexa-enabled functionality to our app as we go,” said Cox.

“Once Alexa is a core part of our product, we will expand Alexa functionality into our product.”

The Echo is Amazon’s first AR product since its original Echo Show in 2016.

While Amazon has launched other products like its own speaker, Alexa, as well as Amazon’s own video streaming service, the Echo Dot, it’s been limited to a handful of retail locations and limited to some home-based shopping experiences.

But Alexa is Amazon, and so is its ability to take the consumer shopping experience to a whole new level.

It’s also likely that many retailers will start selling Alexa-controlled products at some point in the future.

Amazon said it would start shipping the Alexa-compatible Echo at its brick-and-mortar stores by the end of 2020.

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